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Frantz HDRip

Original title: Franz


Duration: 113 minutes.

Step France

Director: Francois Ozon

Article: Francois Ozon, Philippe Piazo, seriously Lubic (film)

Music: Philippe Romby

Photographer: Pascal Marty

Cast: Paul Beer, Pierre Nina, Hans von Udar, Marie Gruber, seriously Sttzner, Cyriel Clair,Alice de Laxen, Anton von Lucke

Studio: Mandarin Films / X-Filme Creative Pool

Genre: Drama | 1910 to 1919 in the dark

Synopsis: the German city is small, then soon the war II. Anna vatodos they visited the tomb of the groom of the field, down the war in France. One Adrien, a mysterious young France, isFlower on the grave. They are provoked by the reaction of an uncertain environment marked by the defeat of Germany.

Name SourceSingaka


Duration: 108 minutes.

Step: United States of America

Director: Garth Jennings

Read the article: Garth Jennings

Music: Joby Talbot

Photo: Animation

ATCast: Animation

Studio: easy entertainment

Category: Life.Musical.Comedia. Children | Animals. 3-D. music

Synopsis: Buster Mun coal, which runs an elegant theater, found the time better. NATO is an optimist, which is not very good, and a little cocky, but a fine theater with its passion and can do anything,He knows that the dream of her life is a point of extinction, and the only chance to keep him afloat, organized a singing contest and reach a big one. Among them, many candidatesaparous love of pork and pork Casa more vigorous, puercoespn stone, gorilla kind of veryShy, and self-satisfied Ratn.

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