Directory Opus Pro 12 64-Bit

Directory Opus Pro 12

Frustrated with the limitations of your Windows Explorer? Directory Opus provides a complete Explorer replacement with more power and functionality than any other file manager available today.

Just a few features include:

– Display one or two window files and wood directory

– the interface tab lets you keep multiple folders open and switch between them quickly

– Single Mode Replace Explorer provides complete replacement for Windows Explorer

-Fast filter, sort of,Groups and find andafolder

– Color your code files, status, star ratings, tags and descriptions

-See photos, documents and more. Photo tagging enables you to organize your photos quickly and easily

– Batch rename includes easy-to-use keyboard macros

– View and edit file metadata that

– Support for FTP and archive formats such as ZIP, 7zip and RAR

– built-in tools, including coordinates and copy search files

– Calculate the size of the ipechati folder or export the folder list

-Copy some files to submit a good performance

– Customizable user interfaces – colors, fonts, toolbars, Keyboard keys, and full scripting interfaces allow you to choose Opus exactly according to your needs

– Efficient, multi-threaded, modern design. Supports latest 4K monitors. Available in 32 and 64 bit versions.

What’s New in Directory Opus Pro 12:

Summary of the main new features

Full support zaHigh-DPI monitor (4K and 5K).

Rename the redesigned dialog, with new featuresas:

A unique macro recorder, which makes a series of names change without complex regular expressions.

Enhanced scripting capabilities.

Better handling with recursion and renaming file name conflicts.

Buttons that you can do various renaming without closing the Apply dialog.

Fixed viewfinder is:

Tools configured and shortcuts, including the ability to run arbitrary commands in the current image file.

This system marks a new imageWhich makes it much easier to sort through photos than anyone knows which folder you want to save, print, share, etc.

Read-front cache for faster loading of images.

Integrated Metadata panel, which allows editing EXIF ​​and other metadata from viewers.

Enhanced file labels and folders, including:

Ability to postavipovekje from one label at a time (combined label properties).

Category labels (allowing you to organize your labels in groups).

PriorityadjustableLabel (when more than a mask or tag can be used to filter files)

The last system’s status icon allows you to specify one or more status icons for each file (for files that must be respected, urged or assigned).

Amnate the manual mode that allows you to organize your files and papkikako want.

An integrated dialog editor that allows scripts to create their own complex user interface.

Display accessories include:

Vertical tab folders (displayedUnder the left or right of the file on the screen).

You can set the color of your own tab defined folder.

The choice is as a network of vertical horizontal lines.

The relative size and age of the graph indicate the background size and the date of the field (not the search for the space itself).

Aprikazhi all new modes that quickly disable all filters.

Folder Options improvements include:

Set the column width to expand and populate the space that can be used to display the file.

Filter columns make it moreIt’s easy to find and add columns you want.

Files and folder folder names can be configured using regular expressions.

Enhancement of failsy copy including transfer speed in progress of dialog graph.

DopolnitelenLentata tools include scrollbars and different labels for drop downs.

The lister schedule can now be organized into folders and subfolders.

And as always, much, much more!

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP,

Microsoft Server 2012,2008, 2003.

Directory Opus Pro 12

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