MyPublicWiFi 4.1 Windows 7/8 Installer Download Free

MyPublicWiFi 4.1

MyPublicWiFi useful program that allows you to share or “repeat relationship» WiFi in your area.

MyPublicWiFi free and easy to set up, though it will require a reboot. To share a WiFi connection, enter the name of Wi-FIV SSID, type the password or ufunguomtandao, and then from the drop-down menu, select the link you want to share.

Repeat it or share the link, you can see exactly who uses vrazkataChrez tab. “Control” This allows you to change the language or MyPublicWiFi see entry connections,that so.

In addition, many other options kinase. However, essential function blocks MyPublicWiFi P2P, which allows people who are connected to a computer to download files via Torrent or eMule, which can significantly slow down or prevent the harness.

MyPublicWiFi kutumiachombo useful and convenient for sharing WiFi connection in vashiyaNASTOLEN computer.

MyPublicWiFi 4.1

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