I, Daniel Blake 2016 full movie online

I, Daniel Blake 2016

After a heart attack victims, carpenter 59 years old, you have to fight the forces of bureaucratic systems to get a job and support allowance. A carpenter of 59 years of age, who is recovering from a heart attack, the second, a single mother and her two children while they go through impersonal, Kafkaesque system privileges. With the same amount of humor, warmth and emotional journey despair and heat well.

Daniel Blake (Dave Jones) 59-year-old widow of aCarpenter, who must rely on the well-being after a recent heart attack may not work in your position. Despite its diagnostics British authorities refused medical benefits Blakes and tell him that he must return to his work. When Daniel goes your way through the painful process of appeal, begins strong bond with the deceased mother of simple (Haley Squires) to develop, taking care of children sĂșadous.

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