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360 Total Security

Total Security is 360 antivirus software available for free one of the most effective and complete, and will keep you from many Internet threats you face.

and protection

Anti virus uses five antivirus engine, including engine 360, CVMII, Avira and BitDefender. For PC impressed prysyazhnymybutythreats quickly, and attention to detail. For example, if found, should be removed from the computer, you must restart the 360 ​​number Obsesnarrabovy.

The engines were disabled Avira BitDefender and concentration. It is good to use, allowing them to increase Ram, but variantdlya them if theywant to be very safe. The number 360 also includes a safe, unrestricted, which is a continuation browser by visiting malicious Web page and report, if any, are understood in potency. We believe that this is overkill, since most brauzerivsohodni warn you ifthe site is safe or unsafe.


Clean Up Up and mixed want to feature advantages. Then it is necessary, but they are friends, it can not just be a user. Clear delete files if you find that notbe removed aim to use that annoying.

ToSpeed ​​makes it even more RAM, which allows power to run resource hungry games and applications. But some of them have problems. Google Chromemy were to resume running speed, which he did not zvertavuvahy to changes that we operate Chromeiam.

Intrusive and not easyuse

Total Security 360 is very easy to use with friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The function determines that it does, and easily meet them. If you are looking for an antivirus solution allows otrymatyyak intrusive and not with you everything that they do, 360Total Security is goodchoice.

360 Total Security

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