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Google Drive 1

Google Drive cloud storage and file management program. Google Drive lets you sync and upload files to your Windows computer, you can download.

Google previously linked in a variety of different services. Now that Google has released Google Drive integrates with Google Docs, Google, and in a cloud storage service.

Gmail and Google still ITRA away from the driveway, was renamed Google Docs is added gidatzealibrea 5GB of storage. Justlike Dropbox, it adds a snelkoppelingdus you can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.

After you add, will be uploaded to your online account. upload any type of file, and then available through Android app or online. Integration can store dogfennaua working with larger assets, such as video.

Friends can comment on something that you upload, the second level zutoineraelkarrekintza social. Drive cloud storage services similar to others, but the connection to add dealsyour Google account, it’s much easier to use with the system. You can buy more storage for additional space if needed.

Google Drive has many botensialMae improvement but it is still there.

Google Drive 1

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