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SuperCopier 4.1

Windows is unique for its speed when copying or moving files. Therefore, a program like SuperCopier is used – a great idea!

SuperCopier manages the transfer of a large number of folders and files, or huge file much more reliable and efficient than the standard Windows Explorer. You can run the program from the icon in the system or simply copy and paste files and folders in the usual way: SuperCopieris embedded inWindows Explorer and zaymetZabota the task.

This Programmnur not significantly accelerates the copying and moving files, but also adds some new useful options: You can now stop and the task view at any time, resume speed, check the completion percentage, lists of files, copy or move, and also to amend this list until the process is already uitgevoerd.Het best of all, SuperCopier not replace the standard copy /paste functionality of Windows, so you can try it without fear and prostoUdalite when SieIch not like.

SuperCopier includes a complete menu settings to customize the behavior of the program, as well as customize some details in the program interface, which, frankly, would win any design awards.

SuperCopierEs you can access files and folders in Windows much faster, safer and more efficient copy and paste.

SuperCopier 4.1

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