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Truman 2017

Cancer Treatment terminal, Julian decided to stop treatment and spent the last day of the connecting ends meet. Throughout his childhood friend Thomas arrived on a surprise visit to his sick friend, he quickly realizes that he can not change his mind. Which byihnya lastmeeting friends intend to reach an agreement Julian’s funeral, review their accounts and, more importantly, to return home to his beloved dog, Truman, this film is strong and surprisingly funny.

Sweeping, CG-animated adventurekuhusu energetic hlopchyklitaty on a daring mission toWayfinder prove yourself a master and fulfill his ancestors unfinished quest. During his visit, Moana meets once powerful demigod Maui, and together they are in the open sea of ​​futuristic travel facing serious pozhezhaistoty and impossible odds.

Julin terminallya patient actor wants to spend his last day tying ends meet. During his childhood friend Toms came with a surprise visit, the two utvrdenizavrshi funeral, check inventory and find budynokSobaka would Yulin.

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