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AVG Antivirus Pro 2016

AVG Antivirus Pro 2016 (/ x64 x86) Multilingual

AVG AntiVirus 2016 – is the award-winning anti-virus software to detect and stop viruses, threats and malware. It includes many new options to make it a virus scanner performance in most markets.If you defnyddioy computer every day, you need protection that is always there, always safe. AVG AntiVirus 2016 and you get hassle-free protection against modern threats of today- both online and offline. Virus protection interfeysPolnofunktsionalnuyu Simple and beautiful design addition syml.Yn, it contains features a new personal information will be kept confidential.

AVGAntiVirus 2016 detects and alerts you to threaten security, providing the automated Fix simply by pressing a button, which eliminates this problem and awtomatigsystem how to protect possible best.

When rewriting mechanism for scanningAVG AntiVirus 2016 will include support for multiple processors .Update Manager ensures that you will be protected from the latest threats avtomaticheskiKazhdye 02:00.

AVG AntiVirus 2016 will ensure your diogelwchAr Online:

Antivirus. Help stop,Remove and prevent the spread of viruses, worms and Trojans.

Anti-Malware. It protects you from malicious software on your computer and help prevent infection.

Anti-rootkit. It helps to keep your computer at hand, which is not of thisSome Hacker.

sganiwre mail. It detects infected attachments or permission, so they can not harm your computer. Working as a plug-in for email applications including Microsoft Outlook, or scanner forPOP3, SMTP and IMAP.

Listen prevention technology. This indicates atalymddangosiad and new threats in the cloud with updated antivirus software automatically.

Community Protection Network. Instantly converts any new threats faced by members of our community,While protecting everyone. This improves the safety of the AVG Anti firwspob community.

AVG LinkScannerSurf, shield. Smart technology that can resist or prevent criminals to place infected. Activities to check each sitestranitsuKak time before you arrive and you will cease to exist if it detects anything suspicious.

gwarchodrhwydweithiau society. Check for link exchange when you’re on social networks such askakTwitter and others. D. To help you and your friends are safe.

AVG Online Shield. Check files before uploading them to ensure their safety and protect you when exchanging filesddefnyddio’rMSN, Yahoo! and ICQ.

Check case when real. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify malware on your computer that our team cataloged netByli AVG ThreatLabs set. AI detection training continuous datatelemetreggan our users.

AI found. Information about the crowd into existing technologies listen Cases Discovery Discovery to check even in the case of most of the malware that takes real.

AVGAntiVirus 2016 is designed for speed down:

TURBOSCAN. llawerMae’n reduce scan time sequence scanning wisely corresponding to the order of storing files on the hard disk.

Update and scan rezhim.SohranyaetIn fear while you play to avoid delays and freezes. Also protects you from hackers to steal digidolProffil sales awards and their gambling.

The scan. Scan your computer only when you do not use it.Moving mode low priority as soon as you move the mouse or press a key. Amsersgan to reduce the file has been scanned, and know they are safe.

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AVG Antivirus Pro 2016

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