Comodo Dragon 55 Update Download

Comodo Dragon 55

Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser based on Chromium source code for Google Chrome. Fast, dynamic, and provide plenty of features for web browsing.

First priority: Internet safety

Comodo dragon dasimple “copy” on Chrome. Various features that are very useful and many security options. During installation, for example, the Comodo SecureDNS option, which provides secure browsing of web pages and high-risk areas to limitAccess to programadálle.

Browser web site, internet site is a tool for security control, as well as advertisements block Privdog, cookies, registries and widgetsHirugarren.

In addition, Comodo Dragon Media Download free video download on-line, and feature instant sharing of web content to Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn econtas.

Search also on the Internet and share the content has some interesting features. You can tickText, then drag the Google gadget to drop it in the address bar, Google Images, Google Translate, Wikipedia or YouTube. You can only link and content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn by dragging and dropping the left side of the browser.

Like Google Chrome, the Comodo dragon separadoproceso this manager creates a bookmark for each spreadsheet, and the home page is previewed from the most visited pages as well as the ability to createDunabigazio private sessions. Comodo dragon Extensions also supports the installation of Chrome itself.

Stylish design

Regarding its application, the Comodo dragon is not much different from Chrome. Simpleand elegant design is mainly dark shades. By outrabanda rigid browser badirudiGoogle.

On the Tools menu on the right hand side (not like Chrome) finds. Next to the address bar, finds Privdog, WebInspect, Actions and Media Downloader buttons.

Chrome, but like

ThesustatzailearenThe slogan explains: “So far,” Chrome and the safest version of the “Comodo Dragon keeps the promise.

The browser is fast, but more importantly, it is very cautious when it comes to privacy and network security. Previously installed plugins are very efficient and convenient SecureDNS is very useful for websites that have high risk of malware and other Internet threats to block.

Dragon nabigatzaileaComodo you something a little more advancedThan Google Chrome if you are looking for features. Anyone who wants to surf the internet is perfect for surfing.

Comodo Dragon 55

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