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Notepad ++ is a free, open source application for writing text. Powerful editor full of options, Notepad ++ is ideal for programming as well as normal text.

Notepad ++ works with tabs, so it is very easy to work with multiple files open at the same time. zaщotosravnяvanetexts very easy, and each line is numbered. Font size in Notepad ++ can be increased only by holding down Ctrl and scroll wheel used to increase. Pressing F12 makes tab float above everything else in Windows.

For coding, Notepad ++ programming languages ​​priznavamnogo and avtomatskikjeThey make something like HTML much easier to see the color coding of text. It also has an excellent find and replace tool. Replace the window Notepad, Notepad ++ is amazing because there are so many more features and capabilities, while still extremely light stable flow.

notebook++ application is functional, but it will not win any prizes for looks, and odfunkcii only useful for developers. However, anyone who writes text will find Notepad ++ a useful tool, and more Dobrev Windows Notepad.

Notepad ++ has more features than ever likelyto use, but is one of the best and most complete text editors available.


Fix (Walk Around) Notepad ++ hanging at the entrance Prostorabota document ANSI while permitting the word completion

Improving the bending performance of golemidokumenti

Check updatewithout increasing the Administrator right

Add automatic update discovery environment for Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Fix bug: Doc icon switch state does not refresh the “save all” action

Make Your Site document togglable prekumenito

Improving Find / Replace dialogmessages found

opredelяtvъpros “Max number of recent files” can not create 0

Font added 5, 6 and 7 in the style configurator


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