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Virtual CloneDrive 5

Have you ever needed to burn ISO, IMG file or DVD but no spare drive do not, or they simply do not want the trouble to do this take?

If so, then you know that you can mount ISO files virtually using a virtual drive such as Virtual CloneDrive? For all purposes, the iszoals adding an extra DVD drive on your machine, but it exists only virtually on your desktop. You can also use it to images faylavyaki then into the virtual disk ordisk can be inserted on the hard rhwydwaithac so you can use makenals a regular DVD.

To use it, do not even need to access the main interface. You can either mount the file by clicking on the mouse or Explorer, the option to install from there to offer you. If you do this, you tend to be asked if you Virtual Clone Drive to realize their ISOabo IMG file. Otherwise it will ask you if you want to see the files in it.

Theonly problem I found the ynVista not officially supported, but it works. Yet it seems that once you have completed the first hill, when you try to start another, he can not answer questions or just you files that the file can be run in any way by looking at the hand,

virtualnyCloneDrive is a great and simple tool for the release of your DVD-ROM drive and the need to avoid datbranden DVD IMG and ISO files.

Virtual CloneDrive 5

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