The Case for Christ 2017 Online Full Movie

The Case for Christ 2017

In 1980 was awarded the prize for the study by Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) him to move up to the Chicago Tribune legal editor. Things are not at home are almost as good. His new faith in Christ his wife Leslie (Erika Christensen) forcing Lee to use journalistic and legal training to try to refute the claims of Christianity and atheism stand against his belief increasingly essential.

Investigative journalist and atheist self-gyhoeddifwriadwyd to prevent the existence of God bynegoZhena Christian. Based on a true story, award-winning investigative journalist who – to rebut the application of their journalistic skills and legal newfound well developed in unexpected results, life-changing Christian faith – and well-known atheist.

A hard LeeStrobel journalist driver exactly where it is expected to be at work: at the top. Recently derbynioddGwobrau for his investigative won a doctorate in law at the Chicago Tribune editor. But things do notare almost as dobreDom where his wife Leslie found new faith in Christ is believed to allesLee – believe it or not – as an atheist recognized. With his journalistic and legal education, Lee tried to disclose allegations Christianity began to save her crumbling marriage. In pursuit of the biggest story of his career, Lee face AngesichtunerwarteteCanlyniadau change could know all that is true.

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