The Sandbox Evolution Craft a 2D x64 download

The Sandbox Evolution Craft a 2D


Title: The Evolution sandbox – Craft 2D Pixel Universe!

Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation

Developer: PIXOWL INC.


Release Date: November 15, 2016

About game

Use your divine powers to create fantastic worlds pixels or destroy the universe! Welcome to the sandbox Evolution, the game world # 1 pixel art created.

Playing with physics, more than 200 items and controllable heroes. Make your own games or levels and then share theircreations online. Alihe limits irydych kreatiwiteiten imagination!

– Click to drop items that are used to extend your keyboard and mouse and scrolling, heroes manage your game controller or keyboard.

– Create or destroy your mouse!

– Pixel art amazing HD Graphics with various visual effects, parallax scrolling and more

– Worlds building to 10x more than in previous sandbox game

– Pull your taxes or original art fanboy favorite characters retrowith more than 100 colors

– Create your own niveisOutro using platformingelemente blociauac

– Installation and retro chiptune melodies master

– Share your creations in the gallery

– Save and sync your progress online with Steam or email

– Follow your favorite players and leading creators through social menu

– Full support for the steam regulator to create worlds and characters heroes management levels made by other playersCREATE their world for pixelpixels!

– Pixel Building 2D world, mixing and matching with more than 200 items idarganfod súainteraccións

– Models Gebruikgedefinieerde or start from the beginning: Music, Pixel Art, sand box, caveman or offline

– Treatment of natural elements: mud, water, sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Acid, and Lava

– Many heroes with different skill sets: pull Arnold, flying Fujin or play with hamster, the most beautiful of the Altar appreciate God’s wrath these elements

-Nuke: Probably the worst invention of mankind, a mega-bomb devastating consequences.

– TORNADO: to make supercorwynt todovoar away if you are guided by your world!

– Earthquake generator hub Drop off to unleash chaos in the whole landscape.

– Power lightning like God at your fingertips! Lightning Spawn playing on evolution over its predecessor BIG: sandbox!

– Even more freedom and creativity, improving the side-scrolling worlds of physics and 10x larger than its predecessor.

-Much better beautiful pixel art graphics with various visual effects, Parallax scrolling more

– 5 modaCreadores dedicated player who embrace-author: Create Sandbox, Making Game Make laser makes Draw Pixel Art chiptune

– 9 unique levels campaigns themed around different aspects of the game: Genesis, disasters, machines, lasers, Pixel Art and story of a couple of new heroes to control characters: Joe Mac or

– Easy to use game maker that allows players to createa retro style platform level in just a matter of seconds !!

– More than 200 items (many delessendo eunewydd and its predecessor) for players to choose from when designing your world, to choose between different organizations, making competition with blocks, platforms, enemies, portals and characters, art design pixel color and much more.

– Guest newspaper innovative off some of the more challenging levels made by other players play

– Full support for the controller for steamplayers to create worlds and characters management levels heroes made by other players.

– New friends gymdeithasoldewislenonde players follow their favorite players and top breeders

The game you want Maker

– Start with 4×4 pixel blocks ready to be used, then platforms, drop and add enemies to spice things up

– Create your own levels using Game Design Elements: Heroes controllable platforms, portals, several blocks or spikes

– Give your guy a characterHero controllable instantly adds intuitive controls, directly

– Congratulations! You need only your platform 8bit pixel level in less than a minute 🙂 ADDLIFE build your Photos

– Bringing Life to jouwêrelde with dogs, wolves, bears, cows, deer or Sabertooth Tigers

– Give to spread beauty and many species of trees to bring you a new world

– Decorate with houses, castles and igloos, and the creation of life in their world with Al HumansINTRODUCE destroy everything

– Using technology,such as batteries, Crosswire, resistance, lamps, heaters, appliances, sensors and different LED

– Playing with lasers, then turn on the light corners and start creating new cyffrousuniverses pixels and puzzles!

– Destruction can Allesjy Q4, Meteor, nitro, TNT or even guests NukeCAMPAIGNS DAILY

– Testing the universe created by a campaign full of 15 levels

– The prehistoric world to explore the show and fighting bears and wolves repair it in caveman campaign

– Learnto draw a pixel art as a painter of the campaign really Zen design Pixel Art

– Help Fujin, the Ninja of Wind, a collection Jars Jade kept away from criaturasmalo

– NovoToalha guest daily, drawn from the best creations player. Challenge the best in the world, or build your own levels for a chance to be included

Look at the gallery and online sharing

– Share their worlds with other players

– Worlds Search by keyword or by tags (pixel art,music, Arcade, technology or landscape)

– Filter hottest worlds latest creations based or

– Play the world’s most inspired and interact with them in many ways

– Update creations of 5 stars

Join our 745,000 fans, community!

Each new update sandbox Evolutions bring even more items, heroes and campaigns!

Sees anyone could dream to build a better world yours!

Download Evolution sandbox and present to build your world!



OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher

Processor: 1 GHz

Memory: 1024 MB RAM

Graphics: OpenGL must be supported by your video card

Network: bandwidth connection Internetlargamente

Storage: 100 MB of available space

Sound Card: No special requirements


OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher

Processor: 2 GHz

Memory: 2048 MB RAM

Graphics: OpenGL must be supported by your video card

Network: Internet connection to broadband

Storage: 256MB of available space

Sound Card: No special requirements

The Sandbox Evolution Craft a 2D

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