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RimWorld Alpha 14e


Title: RimWorld

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, early access

Developer: Ludeon Studios

Publisher: Ludeon Studios

Publication Date: July 16, 2016

About this Game

RimWorld initiative colony storyteller sim sci-fi intelligent AI. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly and Dune.

key features

koloniścikontrolne “mood, needs, wounds and disease.

Structure Fashion, weapons and clothing, metal, wood, stone, textiles, materials or futuristic.

Domestication and tsyagnikhatniya animals,farm cynhyrchiolanifeiliaid and deadly monsters attack.

See settlers developed and zerwanerelacje with family members, lovers and spouses.

Pirate fight with the bandits, tribes, enraged animals, insects and plants kills massive tunneling of life.

Trade with passing ships and trade caravans.

Decorate your colony, to turn it into a pleasant place.

kopaćprzez snow, storms and weather extinguishing fires.

However, refugees or prisonersiperatvaryts it on your website or sold into slavery.

Find gynhyrchwydbyd new every time you play.

Construction of houses in the desert, jungle, tundra, and more.

Learn how to easily play with pomocąNauczyciel AI is smart and discreet.

system requirements


Operating system: Windows XP

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 2 GB of RAM

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM

Storage: 500 MB of free space

– Russian

– Angielski

Statement of changes:


Your new stsenaryyavmozha Systemzdecydować randomization and adapt to the game in special situations. Penderfynugan starting position, your type of society (tribe colony), fixed the conditions of the card with objects, animals, health, as well as features and special rules change.

several scenariuszyzbudowany in the classic experience, including a single match RimWorld on.

You randomized new situation.

You can customize scripts with a special interface that allowsto create any position you like.

mozhaStsenary can be downloaded from the workshop or steam chwytaniaza with one click.

ScenPart: Version Parhaolo’r all conditions Map (Eclipse, solar flare, etc.).

partial script Planetkiller :: ScenPart world will be destroyed on day X.

ScenPart: climate cycle, which makes the world warms and cools over the years. Winter is coming.

ScenPart: Disable specific type of construction.

ScenPart: The route begins health.

ScenPart:Start with the details.

ScenPart: Items Map razzasyarozhanyyaz.

ScenPart: configuration mode arrives (under or stand)

ScenPart: Starting from the feet all age Z X

ScenPart: foot explode on death (type and configuration of the range)

ScenPart: All sources foot (Game / Start each) Feature X

Animal (s) Home: ScenPart

ScenPart: the cessation of production

ScenPart: give up the hunt

ScenPart: give up the curb

ScenPart: refuse to grow

ScenPart: Disable Events

ScenPart:multiplier for any Become games (speed, speed production IETC).

ScenPart: abandon the construction

loan application

He can no longer cover the foot during combat (unless they are very few) not .deathstacks No more animals! It also creates a new tactic around the block, around, or shooters back online. We had napisaćKod pile and do the AI ​​block this feature.

artificial intelligence

Raiders steal mode can now determine whenThey see enough value. They will grab your stuff and pick them up.

Kidnapping is maradёrypratsavats together much better abduction. zamiastwszyscy flee immediately, some kidnapped while others are covered.

AI algorithm is now better withstand wear a uniform temperature oer.Os there is no way that the uniform dying, not all come on foot. No more raids and Keeling in achieving more-60 Prognosis.

Longer predators hunt and boomrats boomalopes.

NoIt will be smarter about on foot to avoid the traps in different situations.

new material

Workshops padtrymkaPovny a few mods.

Now you can play as a burden in some situations.

Added Torch Lamp

meat kulkęZostał added to food preservation with low technology.

Further studies related to the level of complexity of the technology team. Research nurses over eichlefel difficult. So if you upload, explore, spaceflight will be difficult.

R Added (Required onlyfor generations) complex clothing, electricity

R-added (required nyatolki tribes): pemmican

R Posted: air conditioning, autodoors, turrets

Added event “ransom. It can shoot one of your people was attacked.

zabiłMyślami social X so that people do not like to kill their loved ones “

A new class of small violations of the psyche that may arise in the mood by 40%.

ychwanegwydmân break mind: food drink.

the fertility of the land is now reported under the mouse cursor.

Pumpexcess moisture, which is pavolnymperavtvaryts marshy land. force required.

Boats jump now pods Glow – lights error which is lit for 20 days (if Theyre set) and can be exchanged or sold.

Added features: oddychaniestraszne, irritating voice. These socially deterrent.

Added feature: pyromaniac. He would go on firestarting spree under stress and never put out the fire.

Panther was added to the biomes jyngl.Oherwydd turned out that the Panthers aretrue, and I spravitstsagetacoś.

Orange light now help identify areas very hot.

/ Animals replace Added made a beautiful Kay Fedewa # 93;:

The Caribbean




Arctic fox







Megatherium (giant prehistoric ground sloth)








Added a lot of icons on the top of the colonists on the screen, amrywiolinfo state. They can be pressed to select, clicktwice to go or window is selected for multiple choice. These icons can be turned off.

The interface now allows TradingSelect number that you want to trade, and do not pull the room.

Tab animal now has a column about sex and stage of life

Tab animal now has a checkbox column to allow the slaughter of animals of many easy-to-kill

Tab animal now has a check box for each column are conducted to facilitate training of lots of animals

perapratsavanyPravy gliciodewislen beautiful,clearer, more reliable and better handle large list of options.

attendant advantages

Traders, tourists, robbers, thieves, animals, etc. Now, when it is surrounded by walls ucieczekbez exit.

A insect attack Manhunters door when the settlers are trying to jump in and out of them when receiving the ball.

The hives should now be, as a rule, insects, so if all the insects are killed immediately turret wall hives are dying.

You can no longer avoid the effect of mood”Więzieńddienyddio’at just shoot or from starvation in captivity; it will be a pawn in a prisoner killed innocent mind. A similar solution is applied to the destruction of human settlers.

Resolved various exploits leveling. After the settlers have learned a certain amount of (high) per day, they will learn about wieleniższa speed until the next day.

animal feed flower more good (less power).

Fixed an exploit that allowed players to deReydery captured abduction to banditsleave without a fight. The solution: Raiders only herwgipiogwladychwyr.


Upgrading to Unity 5.

the world is now pokolenieczęść new game, rather than individually.

Roofs must now be built and taken down by hand by settlers; they appear and disappear back in order.

Reworked AI algorithm selected food represents personal belongings mood, decay, new faktaryinshyya. Now, in fact kanibalikanibal feeding, because they get a bonus mood avoiding non-cannibals.

Karmaopen worlds and savegameso the old version will be improved at the present time; Warning, the old version of the dialogue appears before opening them, not after.

Config menu interface mods Deworkedwybrać and arrange to have a much more enjoyable.

People can now eat unbutchered body (but really do not like).

Pests simpler and less skyrocketed.

shkodnikavzyavlyaetstsa deeper underground now.

AI do not run away from grenades wrzuconywłasnej faction.

There are so deadlyturtles.

Animals do not make incest.

Essence dynolyn now doing incest.

Seeds for Peace have already made the actual words than random strings of letters.

Now you can set the minimum and maximum number of skill points.

funkcjaPiękno now has four stages: a strikingly ugly, ugly, beautiful, beautiful.

A little history is now forced to walk to get a specific function (Model-Pi)

Trade can bring dromedaries caravan package.

missiles firedthe settlers do not want celeprzechwytywanie randomly.

Some investors buy and sell furniture at the moment.

Gut worms and parasites cyhyraudiflannu earlier.

Ancient graves redesigned generation of the spoils. Sometimes people think Plastal capsule. In this connection elements.

Now, they do not insist interaction społecznychrejestrowane imagine.

Various refaktaryngukab make modding easier to maintain and more flexible code. Much more functionality is implemented as ThingCompssk.

Many, many, many other changes in the balance, improve the gameplay and interface fixes.

RimWorld Alpha 14e

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