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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GTA:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the sequel to the legendary GTA 3 time we go to Liberty City, Vice City, the place is inspired by Miami, 1980.

stealing cars, running holdup and shooting, and above all, You’ll get the most out of the city a huge, glittering unfolds before your eyes.

Tommy Vercetti and the American Dream

GrandTheft Auto: Vice City Tommy Vercetti following story before the family crime Hitman ausDie Forelli. The story begins when Tommy ôl15 getting out of prison and livingin the investigation concrete jungle Vice City.

GTA: Vice City lets you experience life through a wide range of current best exciting offenses ganVercetti his colleagues. Generally, you can get more than 60 missions far beyond the playing Grand Theft Auto, the motion of the franchise.

With Vercetti youllStehlen, blackmail, and participated in the shooting details troseddolmwyaf notorious of all companies. If a variety of tours in GTA 3 is that you see available in Vice City even more.

IfAre you the type of player who wants to just accept what can enjoy awtomatigGrand: Vice City even more. Although the game has a story mode synthesis mission, there is also the opportunity to walk through the sunny Vice City enjoys taking activities and other secondary emissions, megisMae taxi driver or a firefighter, Abfeuerungsstrecken, stunts and even to run your own business in the city.

Miami (or Vice City) you never saw

Vice City is recovered almost flawless from Miamithe 80s. Indeed, When you play, you can not help but wonder Brian de Palma Scarface, and 80 series with the legendary Don Johnson Miami Vice.

The townhouse features four different you enjoy it in the car or on foot, while the experience and life dyddfwrlwm residents. Although the graphics are a bit dated today (the game is from 2002), they all add to the experience adds certain charm.

On deck, GTA Vice City is old. The game is played audio cyntaf.Vercetti voiced by none lessRay Liotta not (Goodfellas) and a cast of supporting actors Dennis Hopper voice created popular, Burt Reynolds and Danny Trejo, among others.

GTA Vice City in favor Another is the soundtrack gwychCerddoriaeth of 1986 and the previous years divided by genre: pop, rock, heavy metal and everything else they have played in the color radio 80s.

A classic aging very well

If GTA 3 will debut allweddolGellir sandbox 3D will be confirmed Vice City, Rockstar istDes the genre.

Yes, more than a decade has gonesince he came out, and progressive image aside, GTA: Vice City also plays like a dream. Its control, mission operations and integration Miscellaneous (requires very little compared to the film De Palma and Scorsese mafia) all make this a delight for fans of video games.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GTA:

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