Photodex ProShow Gold 8 Installer download

Photodex ProShow Gold 8

Photodex ProShow Gold + Portable

Make immediate plans on your desktop with an unlimited number of images, videos and music. Adjust easily. Share online or on television. Building slideshows quickly with automatic wizard. Add images, text + video. Increased dalam.Terbina point builtmusic library and editing tools. Share finished videos on TV, the Internet and much more.

Combine images, video + audio.

Create a slide show with so many images, videos and songs you want. Adding a computer or import from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram and many other lagi.Tambahentertaining slideshow images, layered effect. ProShow makes working with video as easy as using the images. Finally, something to do with all the clips from your camera or mobile phone.

Quick and easy to use

Use Wizarduntuk make immediate release. justselect a theme and great wizard automatically creates a slideshow for you to look, full kamplektchas for music. Ready to watch or to set for a few minutes. You can browse hundreds of free muzichkibibliotekadengan routes are built to quickly find the right song for thepresentation. When you’re ready to take a little more control, ProShow makes it easy to work with presentations. You can start with just a few mouse clicks, with more advanced features are always within reach.

Living with funny effects

menambahKesanhalodnayand animations to your photos and videos with ProShow style and slide transition. Simulate turning pages, creating a montage of photos and much more. Just click the button to see the effect and apply to any slide in the presentation. fun and creative bags kesanpada one point!Feeling creative? You can also customize motion effects on pictures and videos. Enlarge landmark, add some 3D panoramic images, pan or rotate each image.

Editing photos and videos vvsyu night

ProShow offers lautalat inline editing. fixcultural deficiencies, auto-correct, and red-eye removal tool. Changing the color of the image or video in a dramatic black and white. You can also crop the video!

And the transition style

More than 650 voefekti dibinauntuk photos and video clips.

Pan, zoom, 3D, rotating

justclick and drag to create your own impression of movement.

time control

Set the time for the slide show and effects. Cut video + song length.

immediately zrabitsplan

ProShow Let us do all the work with members sihiruntuk proposals.


Trimming, Red-effecteye, correct color and more.

music library

300+ songs free for personal and commercial presentations.

adapted legends

Adding captions to any slide in the presentation. pilihfont own, colors and sizes. Use cold effectively bring legends to lifecredit rolling simulation, add Fade-ins and outs, as well as create a unique intro legend. peravyshatstolki fly in / fly-effect with custom caption motion effects.

muzikdan voiceovers

ProShow Gold comes packed with royalty-free music library, is now availablefor use in your program. 280+ songs and 25 sound FX on hand to meet any opportunity and permission for personal and commercial use. Use audio terbinakawalan display songs More Crossfade songs, recording voiceovers setting custom fade. Record and add sound recordingskazatsvykidy.

Share any screen

Simple exchange program, with more than 40 popular formats to watch on TV, the Internet, and peranti.Mudah message shown on Facebook and YouTube. Recording directly to DVD, Blu-Ray, AVCHD and CD. Send a slide show on your device IOS software with free ProShow remoteapplication. Add a personal touch to the menu of a Hollywood-style movie.

Minimum requirements:

– Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

– 1024 768 display

– * 1 GHz processor or better

– Sistemmemorija 2GB

-Dipercepatkan3D Graphics 64MB RAM

– DirectX or better

– DVD + R / RW / -R / RW writer

– Space 70 MB hard disk space

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Photodex ProShow Gold 8

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