Dark Blue World CRFF 2017 Stream Full Online

Dark Blue World CRFF 2017

Dark Blue World (CRFF) left for the British Royal Air Force pilots Czech Francia leaves (Ondrej Vetchý) is imprisoned after WWII totalitarian communist bloc `betraiing` work their land. Let us continue with this story, award-winning director JanSverak us back kogaFrankija and his young protege Karel Vojtíšek (Christoph Hadek) to escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to join the Royal Air Force in the fight against the Germans. Frustration is not allowed to fly over the enemy until you can not kuzungumzaEnglishRAF and their retraining is complete, strong father-son relationship between Franta and Karel quickly. After three months of training, they were finally sent into battle, but the stress of war, and their mutual love for a married woman English, is testing his friendship stronger. “Dark Blue World” is a story about love, friendship and sacrifice, saying nostalgichnichuvstvata of classic Hollywood movies and romance and historical background of World War II.

Languages: Czech

Other N.

Background: March 9, 2017

Genre: Drama

Duration:1 hour 48 minutes

distributor: film festival organizer



Format: P2

  1. Dark Blue World CRFF 2017 Full Watch Online

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