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A Vote For The King Of

Voice of Romans (CRFF) hot and steamy day in July 1346, the Empire Roman is about to choose a new king. The candidate is only Margrave Karol Morawski, who in disguise and observing elections in the mystery of his faithful servant,Buskas of the Velhartice. Each voter has reason to vote for or against Charles, but one important one that can turn the tide of the election father Charles`, the King John of Luxembourg.

Language: Czech


GenerałData release: March 9, 2017

Genre: Drama

Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes

Distributor: Film Festival organizers

Starring: Krystof Hdek Stanislav Majer, Hana Vágnerová, Tereza vorkov

Directed Vclav Krstek

Format: 2D

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