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CCleaner Portable 5

As USB sticks and other flash memory drives increase in capacity, so does their popularity as a repository. Many applications are special versions for these devices, known as “portable” was developed. One of them is CCleaner Portable.

In a few words, CCleaner Portable ishandheld version CCleaner, an excellent cleaning tool that lets you wiping unused files, thus gaining back valuable disk space and making Windows run for hutcheyi smooth. Dakilaadvantage about CCleaner Portable is that it allows you to do just as wellwith no signs of a computer. In fact, you do not need to install it. just run from a flash drive, and you’ll have instant access to all functions. CCleanerPortable create some necessary keys in Windows Registry, but these are deleted when the program is closed, so nono traces remain in the system.

On its functions, CCleaner Portable ginagawaisang very good job. The program will help you get rid of many different files such as Internet cookies, temporary files, log or any residues found after a few months after installation and removalapplications. The configuration menu in CCleaner Portable features interesting options like save certain cookies may be good for you or the ability to type, to add the file to remove the filter. paasobkuvyzvalits disk space, CCleaner Portable also lets you deleteapplications, find broken registry keysen a list of all set to run at Windows startup programs.

On the lower side, CCleaner Portable does not have the option to cancel the changes, so you really sure you want to delete before you click “Yes” should be. The program can take a few minutesbefore the end of the study should be done prior to disposal. However, it is likely due to the fact that CCleanerPortable runs from a USB device and that we checked all the available options when paglilinisang testing our system has found 558 MB of removable material, which obviously tooksome time to overcome.

In general, CCleaner Portable is as good as its “big brother” and comes in very handy if you want to use it to set any pczonder anything or leaving any traces behind you.


Added the option to manage accountsusers (UAC) papyarezhannekramu.

Added support for Firefox beta.

Thunderbird sanalinis moved separately.

Improved cleaning Aurora history.

Gain cleaning Google Chrome Saved passwords.

Scheduled tasks improved detection.

Advanced Uninstaller XP installation date.

Added cleaning for BitDefender.

improvedSearch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, VLC Media Player, and Avast! Antivirus 6.

Minor fixes.

CCleaner Portable 5

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