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Arrival 2016

ArrivalWhen mysterious alien ship lands in the world, a group of elite, the government can recruit soldiers, including Louise Banks specialist to learn this language, the world will help to determine whether or not foreigners, and they pose a threat to humans.

Language: Inglesa

Classification: NA

General Release Date January 12, 2017,

Genre: Science Fiction

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing International

Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, MichaelStuhlbarg,Ma opinion, Mark O’Brien

Director: Villeneuve

Format: 2D

badanaves mystery 12 will in the world, linguistics professor, Louise assigned to interpret the language of foreign passengers in the box. If a spaceship landed in a mysterious world, through an elite group – led by a linguist expert Louise Banks – topaketaikertzeko. humanity to the brink of global war, as it teeters on the banks and the team reacted against the clock – and the orangditemui, threatening her life, and, perhaps,he budeprynyats chance to humans.

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