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The Escapists

In escapists simulator to “avoid prison.” Admit it: you’ve always wanted simulator like this.

Start-up: how is your choice.

In escapists as an architect in prison, the other games prison “, but with the action a lot more. You are a prisoner in prison, and you want to avoid. To do so, weweLazima to work every day (so that no one suspects) and use svoisvobodnoe time to prepare your aircraft.

If you are looking for a game that is not rhoiydych inhand, you’ll love escapists. You’ll find out, running, chatter is designed to kutoatips or purpose. You can negotiate with prison groups. Or bring in the defense system. Or steal tunnel. Escapists or hide your tools stand out for freedom of action.

Do you have a product at a time. You have a lot of prisons, to choose from (one-on-one with tofautiugumu level). While a small number of places of detention, they are full of information that you want anewidynnau away from them more than once in different ways.

ZackMany are hoping the escapist. Wait for it to continue and yakomipango free time, ‘it’s just too much.

Beautiful retro aesthetics

ustanovkaNeozhidanny management of its simplicity. In escapists using just a few keys or buttons, but no longer need to leave your job, or go ahead with your plans. I like sports mingineunaweza get digalonnigan initial investment in management training. Here, in a few minutes you are ready to go.

rate graphics, escapists is a view of the skyand 8-bit graphics. His music also has stilretro plenty of “beeps”. mimiSiwezi consider the aesthetic better than that, because it reminds me of the classic game of “La Abadia del Crimen.

One of the main problems will remain.

Fugitive which natural resources, a lot of content and features, and flaunts a simple, but powerful setiusimamizi. Will you be able to avoid all the problems these games?

The Escapists

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