ShowMyPC 3055 32-Bit

ShowMyPC 3055

There is a free collaboration tool with ShowMyPC PC.

This free open source application that lets you view and log in to your computer or desktop screen, many users need to see the same or remotely help. ShowMyPC can not be easierAlso install app users according to your own step. The visits she wants to share with her computer, “PC Now Show Me” and he wants to see him on the View Remote PC.

IShowMyPC and the user will need to provide a password to someone else to contact Générateur yourComputer. You can also choose to be a participant in the application of a fair person. And let’s choose the meeting with the app and is scheduled to host screenshots and dive. Whiteboard ShowMyPC has a chat, meeting, sharing feature.

You will be able to configure at the technical levelProxy servers and serve only to increase security. You will be able to change the default server properties set by ShowMyPC on the right side of an employee iconqui on the system tray by clicking on TightVNC. In all free, easy-to-use appsThisEasy sharing. Take a look at yourself so it does not seem that ShowMyPCs look good, but unlike the needs.

For a free, simple ShowMyPC CD to date.

ShowMyPC 3055

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