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Pinterest is a fun photo sharing service social, you now have the Pokki platform to access your desktop.

Lots of great pictures online, from Meme to professional photography beautiful. You can choose the ones you like to save on your computer or publish them to Tumblr, but frequent poster may soon get lost in conversation. Pinterest is an alternative that allows you to organize all sĂșasfotos favorite and show others.

TraditionalCould only access the web app platform. Available on your desktop, thanks to Pokki. By creating folders, the content you find online lists will be able to customize their interests and even organized into subgroups to make them more accurate to other users on Pinterest searchable. You can add a picture to your pictures mesaPinterest pen load on your computer directly into the application.

Pinterest hefydcynnig Feature,The image “Repin” is allowed and add this you selected Bulletin Board. This is a nice option if you follow a lot of other users on the site and find things you like in your merklists.

Pinterest is visually appealing photos and comezalonga to organize that want to track.


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