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Meridian Squad 22

About the game:

People are at risk. The first attempt failed human colonization and settlers staff are missing. Officials of the United World qualified staff to drive to Meridian decided to bring them home safely.

Meridian: Muundo22 odnopolzovatelskoy sci-fi real-time strategy game with an emphasis on building the base and the most advanced techniques. Every choice, every decision you make extra, make up your history. EgonaldiaDefentsarako nastupmarshrut or not?Your priority kuzingatiamaisha employees or donated them to take pity on the mountain?

Ed Tarsoli, lonely developer and Elder Games Hexany join audio, sound design team an unprecedented experience and reputation unparalelled management units 22 and 10 + hours of award-winning campaign for the fate of the settlers led by history

Defeat your enemies more than 100 of the world’s procedurally generated missions Planetarypidkorennya in Meridian

Polished, power and water control unit

inmusika dive hours

incrediblesound effects team that brought you the award winning sautikubuni

Meridian Squad 22

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